Handcrafted Bamboo Memorial Urns

Modern Memorial Urns With a Timeless Aesthetic

Started in 1999 by furniture maker Bill More, Bill More Design creates a timeless and contemporary cremation urn that honors the spirit of a loved one. Remembrance Memorial Urns are handcrafted from solid Moso Bamboo with stainless steel and resin accents, in the mountain foothills of Central Oregon. As a family owned and operated company, we strive to create an urn that is both modern and classic in design, and will last for generations.

Honor Your Loved One with Handmade Wooden Urns

Today, about half of those who die are cremated rather than buried, making it a popular option that must be seriously considered. When a loved one passes away and the decision is cremation, you will also need to find unique cremation urns that will house the ashes once the process is complete. At Remembrance Memorial Urns, you will find a great selection of beautiful handcrafted wooden urns your loved one would be proud to have as a final resting place.

A Low Cost Option

One of the primary reasons why individuals choose cremation over a traditional burial is the cost. The cost of funerals has risen drastically over the years. However, you can purchase one of our unique handmade wooden urns for much less than the cost of a casket and a burial plot. Even if you choose to place your loved one’s urn into a mausoleum at a cemetery, you will find the costs are greatly reduced. Even though the costs are lower, though, it is still necessary to choose an urn that offers the best quality and a unique look. Shop our gorgeous wood urns today for the best selection.

Give Your Pets the Same Consideration

Our handcrafted wooden urns aren’t just for your human loved ones. Most pets are just as much a part of the family as the humans. When a pet dies, you will have many of the same choices as you have for any other funeral. Many veterinarians offer cremation services for pets as well, making our cremation pet urns a great choice for honoring your pets remains after he is gone.

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